Our Story

We want to help small businesses in Belize become sustainable through the use of mobile technology and innovation. Covid has brought the need for small business especially food vendors to operate from their homes. Raising gas prices have made delivery services raise in demand and our solutions for Belize can help individuals achieve extra income for doing these services.

With new technolgies such as mobile appliactions we are able to bring solutions to the demands of many who cannot afford to pickup food from different vendors. Organizing menus online and providing delivery services can help many small businesses by provinding them with free applications that they can use. As the need for different services grown MercadoBelize will offer mobile solutions to address them.

Our Applications

Offer a range of applications that can bring services together for affordability and


Our RapidEats application allows user to find food in nearby locations and to have it delivered quickly to your door. ​


Our food seller application allows users to create fast food menu items, price them and easily label them after taking a quick Snap with your camera.


RunMan app lets you earn money by becoming a delivery man for local food orders.

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